Weirds band

It’s quite odd for a Facebook page to get a whopping 100,000 new likes overnight, but this is what happened to a musical band in the UK. In an oddly menacing episode, the Facebook page of Weirds, a musical band based in the UK, which is a pysch-rock band with a gradual growing profile was hacked after they went out on tour with The Wytches.

While they found their Facebook page got hacked and lost control over to the page, it was completely turned out to be a different one. The hackers wiped out all data pertaining to the band, including posts, photos and videos that they have gained over the course of their career and renamed the page to Top Viral Videos and posted short viral video every couple of minutes. The page which originally had 3000 likes has now has 119,000 likes and is counting. While they lost all of the contents, they got great reach but it would be annoying for those who liked the page believing of viral videos guise.

Weirds have now got full control over to the page and removed all those pesky viral videos. They have released a statement apologizing to their fans for bearing with vine videos while they gain control of the page. “This was obviously devastating to us as a small band using Facebook as our main point of communication,” Weirds wrote. “Years of hard work, graft and memories have unfortunately been wiped away, and are irretrievable.”

They have asked new followers to unlike the page who liked it with other interests. “Social media is a huge part of being in a band these days, and believe us, we understand the hard work that goes into running it, building your online presence and seeing your audience grow over time,” Weirds wrote. “When that gets taken away, it’s not a nice feeling in the slightest.”

Weirds will debut their new album Swarmculture on May 26th.


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