Amazon India

A 32-year old woman was arrested by Indian police for allegedly cheating Amazon India by returning cheap look-alike products against her purchase on the website. Identified as Deepanwita Ghosh, an engineering graduate and a native of West Bengal has made numerous purchases on Amazon and made Rs. 69.91 lakh ($110,000) by returning back the products that weren’t purchased on the website.

The woman used to purchase electronic products on the website and return them back for refund citing quality. But will not return the original product that she purchased rather fake look-alike products. She would then sell the product on another online shopping websites. By this way, she was making as much as 70 lakh.

She has made 104 purchases so far that includes expensive phone, SLR cameras, TVs and other electronic devices. She was accused of making purchases under fake names and the delivery address would be different from that of the return address in order to not being caught by the website, said the police.

Amazon Internal Probe

After a seller in Bengaluru found suspicious transactions and spotted several retuned products were not the originals, they ordered for an internal probe to zero in Ghosh. Amazon India filed a complaint with the police last month and she was arrested later this month. During probe, it was found that she served as a seller with another shopping site. When customers place order for any product through her, she will immediately place order for that product on Amazon India with the customer’s shipping address. When the orders were shipped to the customer and Ghosh received money for it, she would then initiate a refund against the order with Amazon and return back cheap look-alikes. This is how she was making money off by cheating Amazon India.

She was accused for 104 fraudulent transactions and booked on charges of cheating and online fraud. Sources with Amazon Bengaluru said the case prompted the e-commerce major to modify its customer product return policy. “Now, products like cellphones are received from customers only after verifying IMEI numbers and other items following corroboration of unique product codes apart from a thorough inspection. An acknowledgement with the customer’s signature is also obtained at the time of return of expensive items,” a company warehouse executive added.


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