Dubai police to auction impounded luxury cars

Dubai is home to luxury and most expensive cars in the world and the city sees hundreds to thousands of vehicles being abandoned every year. Several pictures of abandoned luxury cars at parking lots surfaced on the internet in recent times and the city police confiscate these vehicles and auction them if the owners of the abandoned vehicles fail to collect them after notice.

When people visit the city on business and settle out there for a while, they buy car for their personal use and abandon them when they leave the city. Some will never collect their car because of the fee that is required to release it. Dubai police used to sell the confiscated vehicles at auction and this year, the city police are all set to auction 645 impounded vehicles on May 25th.

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Dubai police have sent notice to all the owners of the impounded vehicles that their vehicles will be sold at auction this month if they fail to take possession of their vehicles by then. Those who wish to confiscate their vehicle back can visit the General Department of Traffic and pay the required fee to release their vehicles. The details of the 645 impounded vehicles have been listed on its official website. Police have published the details of the vehicles to be auctioned on May 25 in city’s newspaper last month giving one month’s time for the owners to release their vehicles.

Interestingly, Dubai police have also confiscated luxury and most expensive cars from makers like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Ferrari among others. A hundreds of pictures of dusty and rusty expensive cars from these auto makers were surfaced on the internet recently, leaving people to wonder why these people abandon their cars. Those cars are still in possession with Dubai police and will be sold at auction on May 25th. The most expensive recoveries by Dubai police so far is a $1.6 million Ferrari Enzo, which was abandoned at an airport parking lot.


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