Vladimir Putin playing piano

Russian President Vladimir Putin had previously showed off his outdoor skills, who wants to project himself as a tough man as a hunter, horse rider and fisherman. It seems he was very fond of playing piano, which was revealed when he was on a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Sunday.

Putin, who usually will be late for meetings, arrived ahead of the schedule and was made to wait at the office in Beijing. Upon seeing a piano over there, he began playing piano and that surprised the Chinese delegates at the meeting. He played a couple of his favorites, “Moscow Windows” and “City on the Free Neva”.

But it seemed Chinese internet users were not impressed with Putin’s performance. They took to social media Weibo to exchange trolls over Putin’s performance. Here are some of the posts that criticized him badly.

“This is such an amateur performance,” a user posted.

I suggest that he learns from our country’s four-year-old pianists,” another added.

“Is it the song that sounds terrible or is it his playing?” someone asked.

“This is pretty much equal to noise”, says one netizen on Weibo, with another netizen adding “It IS noise”

“After listening to this, my son regained the confidence to play on the piano. Thank you Putin,” another user added.

“Did they forget to tune the piano?” another added.

But some people did at least give Putin props for playing.

“Putin, is there anything you can’t do?” a user asked.

“[At least] he can play better than me,” another chimed in.

This isn’t the first time he showcased his music talents in public. In 2010, he appeared on stage where he played and sung “Blueberry Hills.”

Putin was on a state visit to Beijing to take part in the country’s ambitious project “One Belt, One Road”, a $1 trillion infrastructure project that will revive the ancient Silk Road as China calls it the “Modern Silk Road” which will link Asia to Europe.


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