Top 10 Weird Gadgets That You Don’t Believe Why They Made For?

In recent years, evolution of technology is incredible that has lead to innovation of numerous gadgets, right from home to office automations. These gadgets actually claim to make life easier, but some of these fail to do so. There are several products out there that are actually helps people in different ways though, enthusiastic creators sometime construct some hilarious devices, and totally weird which don’t get a place on our home shelves. The Internet of things devices is surely going to be the future of smart living that connects everything in possible ways.

Tech people always have curiosity and willingness to create weird gadgets that are insanely hilarious too. Here are some of the weird gadgets that actually do exist.

Quirky Egg Minder

What if there’s an egg tray that reminds you about the expiry of eggs, asks you to refill when it go eggless. That’s what Quirky Egg Minder does. This $13 device syncs with your smartphone and sends you push notification when you’re on the edge of going eggless. It even tells which of the eggs in the try nearing its expiration date.

You may grab this device on Amazon for $13, which isn’t that bad in terms of usage and cost when comparable with other devices in the market.

Hidrate Spark

The sole purpose of Hidrate Spark is to keep you hydrated. It’s a smart water bottle that connects with your smartphone over Bluetooth and reminds you in staying hydrated.

While the 24-ounce bottle intends to make its master convenient when thirsty, but spending $55 on this device might be a bit much.


It’s a $140 smart trash can featuring a vacuum opening at the bottom of the can that will suck up dog hair, cheerio or grain of dirt on the floor directly into the trash bag. Bruno will also remind you to take the trash out on trash day, and alert you when you are low on trash bags.

It needs to be recharged every month which will alert via an accompanying app making you convenient keeping track on everything.


We often used to leave umbrellas at restaurants and other places but this connected umbrella will send its last known location to your smartphone. In fact, it can push weather alerts to your phone and alert you before it rains.

OombrellaHowever, you’’ll have to consider before putting your $80 on this piece of gadget.


If you’re a fast eater and wanted to change your eating habits, then this $70 Bluetooth enabled device will help you to sort your eating problem. It will vibrate when it recognizes that you’re eating too fast.

You can see your eating stats in real time, and you can even get suggestions and coaching by sending the data to Hapi for analysis.

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The Juicero is an expensive juicing system that makes fresh juice out of organic supplies that comes as packs bundled with it or you can buy them separately.

Forget cleaning, chopping and other juicing hassles, just place the pack into the juicer, and you’ll get juice on demand. It will not work if your Wi-Fi is down.


The creators of Flosstime have designed it aimed at dental hygiene. It’s a smart floss dispenser that mounts to your bathroom mirror, and with a push, it dispenses 18 inches of floss, and reminds flossing.

The idea is to get you in the habit of flossing regularly, which seems feasible given that that machine light up with a fun smile when doing regularly, or it frowns at you with a reminder light when you donlt stick to routine. If you’re a floss-conscious adult with no discipline, though, you can grab the device for $25.

Onvi Prophix

The Onvi Prohix is a $400 worth smart toothbrush with unique features. It connects to your smartphone via an accompanying app that does everything that other smart brushes do. But, most of all it shows photos and live videos of the inside of your mouth. It packs a 10-megapixel camera with a brush itself.

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If you have serious dental problem, it is worth buying. If not, your bathroom mirror might still help you.

Brita Infinity WiFi Connected Pitcher

It’s another water thing device. Billing as “the future of hydration,” the $45 Brita Infinity works like other Brita device, but it can automatically order a new $6 filter from Amazon when its current purification filter becomes useless.

Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad

Putting an infant on the Hatch Baby Smart Changing Padlets you keep tabs on their weight, diaper changes, food intake, and so on, all of which goes back to a companion app. If needed, you can share that data with a pediatrician.

It will cost you $250 and it’s worth if your kid is dealing with health concerns.

If you do know any weird gadgets, do let us know!