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Backlinks are the links that point to the pages of your website. It has once had a significant role in ranking your website for search engine especially Google. Backlinking is directly proportional to the quality and quantity of inbound links to your website. Based on the quality of the backlinks, search engines use to determine the quality signal to your website.

While Google has other things to focus on these days, backlinks are not considered that important as they did once.

There are a lot of online freelancer services like Fiverr where you can hire gigs to get your work done. If you’re not familiar with Fiverr, then this article is for you. The one who had already experienced with these spammy guys, you would know what you can do for $5.

How Fiverr works?

After signing up on Fiverr, you can find a lot of services for $5 such as traffic generation, SEO, building backlinks, and more. $5 is the base price for any project and it multiples when the quantity increases.

What gigs did I purchase?

These are the gigs that I purchased.

  • Do SEO backlink service to website blog or youtube to rank on search engine
  • Rank you First in Google, 50 PR10 Niche Backlinks, 40days SEO
  • Add your site to 800 SEO social bookmarks high-quality backlinks, RSS, ping

As soon as I purchased gigs, each gig asked for website particulars and my order was fulfilled as said.  After completing my orders, each sent a downloadable link for all the links created.

Backlinks Quality

After receiving my orders, I checked the backlinks that were created by the gigs and tested a few of them. To my surprise, the majority of the links pointed to low-quality links and other didn’t work.

I was given login credentials for the created profiles, and it seems to be automated which means it was created by bots.

The social bookmarks were pathetic. None of them worked, even the login credentials. I complained about it to the gig, and in no time, that gig sent me another file with links. I was astonished to see that.

How can a person create 800 SEO bookmarks backlinks in less than a day?

Most of the links were spam and they were disappeared in a few days.

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How it affected my website traffic?

In less than a week, my website’s traffic dropped by around 50% to 60%. My website also didn’t appear in Google search.

I just waited for 3 to 4 months for the changes to reflect on my website. Apparently, the case was even worse than before. The majority of the links created by the gigs were removed from the websites by moderators as well as they didn’t count to a number of backlinks by “Alexa.” Some weird things were going to my site.

However, my website credibility was affected for Google and other search engines. There a lot of ways to remove the backlinks. Google is the major source of organic traffic, so I used Google’s disavow tool to discredit those low-quality backlinks. Check this link to learn how to use disavow tool.

After some weeks, my website was returned back to normal. It is always important to create backlinks via white-hat SEO tactics, and never use black-hat SEO techniques for building backlinks. I will not only affect your website’s traffic and credibility and it will take a quite handful of months to recover.


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