After Whatsapp, Viber Gets End-To-End Encryption And Hidden Chat

    Earlier this month, WhatsApp rolled out end-to-end encryption publicly; by the way, whatever you communicate with your contact will be encrypted and even WhatsApp can’t decrypt your messages. Now, the same service is being introduced by its biggest competitor – Viber.

    Viber which has more than 700 million monthly users has brought in end-to-end encryption with its latest update. The latest version is already available in both the iTunes App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android.

    Viber end-to-end encryption

    Anything you send via Viber is now encrypted, meaning no one can intercept your messages, not even Viber. However, you, your recipient, and all members in the group should have the latest version to make it possible. The roll out is staged, which will complete within a couple of weeks. Once the roll out is complete, you’ll see a new padlock icon in the chat UI, provided that you and your contacts have the latest version.

    Viber’s next up is a hidden chat feature that’s simply hiding your chats from showing to others through a PIN or by using Touch ID on your iOS device.


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