Smokeable Smartphone
Smokeable Smartphone

Are you looking for a device that offers features of a smartphone as well as smoke your favorite cigarettes? Then, Vaporcade, a US-based firm has an answer. Yes, it seems odd, though, the company has a smartphone that will allow you to make calls and text as well as smoke your favorite e-cigarette flavors.

The Jupiter IO 3 is reportedly the world’s first smokeable smartphone with a built-in e-cigarette. The 3G-enabled smartphone costs $299 (roughly Rs. 19,700) and runs Android KitKat 4.4. The smartphone has two batteries – one to power the phone and one to power the e-cigarette.

The smokeable smartphone has an opening under a little plastic cover off the top. Attach a flavored liquid cartridge and a mouthpiece to that and smoke right out of your smartphone. It comes with a button to regulate the heat and get a stronger pull. The liquid cartridges cost $15 (roughly Rs. 990) and come in flavors like mint, peach and coffee and each one provides about 800 puffs or four packs of cigarettes.

There’s a Vaporcade app that lets the user track battery life, how much liquid is left, what flavor has been loaded in the cartridge, and how many puffs the user has taken over time. It also claims to help in quitting smoking or cutting down by setting a goal. The app alerts when the user crosses the number of puffs.

Claimed to be approved by the US Federal Communications Commission, the information on health effects and the impact of vaping from the device, when compared to traditional cigarettes, is still not known.

The company, which makes e-cigarettes, cigars, and coffee beans, plans to release a 4G model of smokeable smartphone for $499 (roughly Rs. 32,900) in the next few months.


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