Ultrathin e-skin

While smartwatch and wearables maker were biding tons of money in making thin wearables that eventually blend into the skin, researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed an ultrathin, ultra flexible optoelectronic skin whose polymer LEDs and organic photodetectors are so thin, tipping at 3 micrometers. They apparently blend into the body and merely look like a tattoo.

A thin film has to be attached to the display. Despite being so thin, the PLEDs are durable enough that it won’t break as you flex your limbs. The PLEDs can display RGB colors as well as white. The prototype that was developed won’t tell you much but only your blood concentration levels. However, with this amazing tech, the possibilities are indeed endless. One day, you’d see a wearable just blended with your skin, showing all fitness data and more than you’d expect. Forget about smartwatches and fitness wearables, the future world is going towards a truly seamless wearable tech.


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