Charity Car Donation Wizards in the US 2016

After buying a brand new car, the best way to eliminate your old used car or vehicle is to donate it to a charity. Donating your old vehicle to charities offers federal tax deduction as well as you will have the option to give the net proceeds to a charity you wish. You will be rewarded for your philanthropy from the mouths of millions of helpless people.

Philanthropy is the best way to eradicate poverty, and auto donation is the best way to recycle your old car or vehicle. You can donate a car to a charity directly or approach a dealer which has teamed up with several non-profit organizations who supports many programs globally. When you donate a car through a dealer, you are allowed to choose a charity of your wish so the amount raised by selling your car will be given to the charity or philanthropy you choose.

Most of the charitable car donation agencies offer more than 70% of the net proceeds from selling the vehicle to the charity. Be wise to choose the best charitable car donation agency before making a donation.

We’ve rounded up the best online space for making your car donation for the intended cause. We’ve gathered these info by making a through market analysis.

Here are the top 5 charitable car donation agencies in the US:

Car Donation Wizard

Car Donation Wizard supports a bunch of charity programs in and out of the US. You can choose the charity of your choice, fill the form, and schedule a pick up. Car Donation Wizard ensures that every dollar raised goes towards its intended cause.

These guys return around 75% to 80% of the net proceeds from selling your vehicle to charity. They accept almost all type of vehicle which has its presence all around the US.

The Arc’s Car Donation Program

The Arc’s Car Donation Program is the largest national community-based philanthropic organization advocating for and serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.

Arc partners with Melwood Charity Car Donation Center, a profound philanthropy to facilitate car donation program. They empower individual with disabilities.

Charity Motors

Charity Motors is another philanthropic organization that manages philanthropy operation through donations. The best thing about this philanthropic organization is that you are allowed to choose any charity even the charities that are not listed on their website.

You can choose between the philanthropy charity and church for your car donation.

Donate For Charity

Donate For Charity distributes the funds raised from the sale of your vehicle donation directly to your charity of choice to help maintain and expand charity efforts in their communities.

Your selected charity or church will receive around 70% to 80% of the net proceeds from the sale.

American Cancer Society – Cars For A Cure

When you donate your car, your philanthropy gift helps fund groundbreaking research, programs and services for cancer patients and their families, education, and advocacy.


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