Rival700 – World’s First Gaming Mouse with OLED Screen is Here

    SteelSeries would be proud in announcing a gaming modular mouse with an OLED display at CES this year. Obviously, there are numerous PC gaming accessories in the market, but the Rival700 is something different that makes it stand out from the infinite mouse line.

    The Rival700 is the first of its kind and there are no mice out there with a built-in OLED screen. A small OLED screen is located at the left side of the mouse’s front that shows mouse settings as well as game information. The customizable OLED display allows you to access sensitive settings on-the-fly, in-game statistics, button mapping and more. You can use the pointer with the games that are configured to work with SteelSeries engine.

    Another unique feature is its modular design. It has two swappable cables, so you can choose the best that works for you. If you don’t like the core sensor, you can swap it with a laser sensor and more. Literally, it is completely customizable.

    The Rival700 is no longer merely an input device, it can give the player tactile alerts. You can customize the alerts with vibration or various intensity patterns. The Rival700 will hit the stores at some point of time later this spring.


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