Tesla Solar Roof Tiles

Elon Musk pitched the idea of ambitious solar glass roof panels back in August last year where he didn’t reveal anything about installation or pricing. After that, there wasn’t much talk about the flashy project yet, however, Musk revealed some exciting information about the availability of solar glass roof panels during a typical conversation on Twitter.

When a random Twitter user Michael Hols asked for the ETA of solar roof tiles, Musk responded that people can start placing order for the solar roofs starting next month – April. Apart from that, he didn’t reveal anything about the pricing of the solar roofs or the exact date for online ordering or when the orders will be shipped. We can expect more details to pour in about the solar tiles in the coming days.

Elon Musk bets high on reducing the dependence of fossil fuels through other means of conventional energies owns a private space transport business ‘SpaceX’ and an electric vehicle brand ‘Tesla’. The solar glass roof tiles will be the future of conventional homes which will replace home’s normal roof with solar cells integrated textured glass tiles.

The company claims that the solar glass tiles are apparently strong than the normal tiles, including Terra Cotta, Clay tile and Slate tile. The solar cells inside the glass tile will gather enough energy needed to keep a home off the grid. The solar tiles will look good than the conventional tiles. The solar tiles will be powered by Tesla’s new Powerwall 2, which is a large sized domestic battery meant for homes to store solar energy. The batteries will last up to 10 years and can be fixed on the floor or wall mounted.

The new proposed Tesla solar roof tiles will be available in four patterns – Textured glass, smooth glass, Tuscan glass and slate glass. The powerwall 2 will cost around $5,5000 and the installations begin in a couple of months.


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