Seven Days of Unboxing

There are only few days left for the “Galaxy Unpacked Event”, which is scheduled on February 21, Samsung has released two new teaser videos towards its “Seven Days of Unboxing” campaign.

The above video shows a kid unboxing the next galaxy and asked to paint what he saw. The kid paints a rough image of the phone and the other video was also made with the same concept, but here is llama instead.

The next teaser videos of the “Seven Days of Unboxing” campaign are scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Earlier this week, Samsung’s Indonesian site revealed the first hands-on video of the Galaxy S7 Edge. And, the next Galaxy devices were up for sale on Dubizzle, a Dubai based classified website that listed box content images as well as price. As per the listing, all have been imported from the US that reads, “Get before commercial launch, imported from the USA.” Since it’s not official, we’d wait for the official release before cashing out that much amount on these gadgets, but if you’d like to have the phone ahead of others, go ahead and shell out the cash from your pocket.

Samsung will officially reveal the handsets on February 21, with shipping starting on March 11.


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