Samsung prevents Galaxy S8 Bixby button remapping

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is all set for commercial launch on April 21st, and the company is blocking potential buyers from remapping the Bixby button to trigger other functions via third-party apps. Some sources earlier reported that the users of the Galaxy S8 will be able to change the Bixby button’s actual purpose of launching Samsung’s digital assistant to launch Google Assistant, camera or a favorite app using a third-party app.

The company has now blocked the ability to remap the Bixby button with a new S8 firmware update. Previously, users had an option to alter the button’s command through Accessibility Services under Settings tab of the Android. The firmware update revokes the privileges altogether. Samsung is ensuring that users will need to use its digital personal assistant rather than giving chances of any means, though. But Samsung will ship the Galaxy S8 on April 21st in the US without voice support, which will be made available later through an update.

Bixby is touted as an interesting addition to the Galaxy S8 that works similar to Apple Siri or Google Assistant.  The biggest difference between the former and the latter is that Bixby can do anything that you do with touch. Instead of tapping, you can ask Bixby to do anything through voice commands. There’s an option to turn off the Bixby pane, but there’s no way to completely pull off Bixby on the phone.


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