Reliance Jio Blames Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea on Interconnect Call Failures

    Apart from multiple issues confronting by Jio Customers such as delay activation of new JIO SIM card, call failures to other networks, and reduced data speed. Jio is enthused about extending its customer’s base through its lucrative offers that allows Jio customers to avail unlimited data, voice calls and free SMS till the end of this year.

    Reliance Jio had previously reported that the incumbent operators like Airtel, Vodafone and Idea were not providing adequate interconnection points that affect its quality of service. Jio today said in a statement that its customers were confronting 10 crore interconnect call failures with Airtel, Vodafone and Idea due to insufficient interconnection capacity.

    Jio is the biggest 4G network in the country with its subscriber base doubling every day. The company attracts people with its affordable and cheap tariff plans that have increased pressure on its incumbents.

    Reliance however said that a portion of the occupants have released authority explanations on improving the increase interconnection limit, however these are just on papers and not with conceivable activity.

    “Jio’s immediate necessity of operational interconnection capacity, taking into account straightforward industry practice, is of the request of 4,000-5,000 points per operator. It is in this way evident that at the present rate, the incumbent operators have not exhibited any genuine to resolve this issue,” the statement said. “With over 10 crore call failures per day between Reliance Jio and the three incumbent operators, this has brought about serious nature issues for the Indian customers. The call failure rate has been worsening rapidly in the last few days, while augmentation of interconnection capacity is still awaited.”

    Reliance Jio has additionally reported that these incumbents were rejected porting request from their customers to migrate to Jio. We have earlier reported that Airtel has been blocking OTP message on its network when its subscribers attempt to generate bar code to subscribe to new Jio connection.

    Not long ago, Airtel had released a statement saying that it has enhanced the interconnection capacity to facilitate over 15 million Jio customers. While Vodafone had said that, it will expand the interconnection ability to three-fold.

    If these incumbents didn’t fulfill Jio’s requests, the quality of service of Jio would be impacted widely and it is not a good sign for the growing network.


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