Recon Instruments launches the World’s first smart paintball mask

    Recon Instruments, the wearables outfit acquired by Intel last year, has partnered with Empire Paintball to launch the Empie EVS for paintball enthusiasts. The device employs an integrated 4-inch Recon Snow2 heads-up display positioned just below the wearer’s right eye that shows real-time information like ammunition counts, field maps, and teammate location. Powering Snow2 are a 1GHz dual-core processor, an Android-based operating system, a nine-axis sensor suite, and Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, and GPS connectivity. The mask, meanwhile, comes with dual-pane lenses that prevent internal fogging and a lower skirt that encourages ball bouncing.

    “The Empire EVS showcases the versatility of Recon heads-up display technology,” said Tom Fowler, Director of Sales and Marketing, Head Worn Devices, Intel. “Through our collaboration with Empire, which involved the development of paintball-specific software for Snow2’s Android-based operating system, we were able to bring the benefits of instant, direct-to-eye information delivery to an entirely new group of customers. Our open software development kit (SDK) allows any third-party developer to extend the capabilities of Recon devices in this manner.”

    “Empire Paintball was thrilled to collaborate with Recon on the development of wearable technology specifically adapted to the sport of paintball,” said Louie Spicer, Chief Technology Officer, G.I. Sportz. “Recon has proven the robustness and user-friendliness of its Snow2 heads-up display platform. With Recon’s help, we were able to extend Snow2’s functionality to enhance the paintball player’s experience in a substantial way.”

    The company hasn’t revealed any details about the price or when it will be available for purchase, however, it is expected that it might hit the stores sometime later this year.


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