Cyber security group OurMine hacked several YouTube accounts late Thursday as their part of PR stunts. This isn’t first time they have been doing this to grab the attention, but they had hacked several high-profile social media accounts previously. It is considered as the biggest hack in YouTube history, where they altered the title and description of thousands of popular videos. This comes following their breach on April 1st, exposing serious security loop holes in YouTube.

OurMine YouTube hack

OurMine seemed to have targeted only the YouTube channels managed by Studio 71, multi-channel YouTube network that represents thousands of high-profile channels. RomanAtwoodVlogs, JustKiddingNews and Wranglerstar were some of the affected channels. They have modified the videos title to read ‘#OurMine’, while video descriptions were changed to “Hey, it’s OurMine, don’t worry we are just testing your security, please contact us for more information.”

Interestingly, OurMine wouldn’t able to handle the traffic to its website as it was down at time since the hack. This hack is just part of their digital promotion. Several YouTube videos were restored to their original state, however. These guys are responsible for Britney Spears death hoax in December 2016 who had even hacked the social media accounts of biggest names in tech industry, including google CEO Sundar Pichai, Mark and Randi Zuckerberg, Spotify founder Daniel Ek and Amazon CTO Werner Vogels.

OurMine says they routinely hack high-profile networks to help you.  “We have no bad intentions and only care about the security and privacy of your accounts and network,” the group said.

How to protect your YouTube accounts

Basic security check

Though, if you are not the victim of the attack, it is recommended to run some basic security check, including updating your account’s password (strong passwords) and restrict admin privileges to other users. Revoke admin privileges to people who are no longer associated with your channel as they might exploit your account or open other possible potential threats. It is good to run routine safety check.

Restore to backup point

Within hours of the attack, YouTube had begun to rollback the affected accounts to earlier backup points. In fact, OurMine defeated them by reverting the affected channels and videos to its original state, however, they had suffered loss of recent comments and changes.


This hack warns YouTubers to take precautionary action before your account is compromised besides there’s no point in crying after becoming a victim of attack like this. One thing for sure, anything on internet can be hacked into. Be it your social media accounts, emails or bank accounts, they can easily fall prey to attacks.

You should have backups of all you upload on YouTube. So, if you are high-profile celebrity or a Youtuber with millions of followers, have a central repository for all your media. In simple, be sure to prevent your digital assets from hacks, though OurMine is classified as a “White Hat” group, meaning they won’t do harm to your assets. Basically, black hat breach is malicious.


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