IRCTC website hacked

Some reports cited Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation’s (IRCTC) website was hacked, but it was not, according to top officials. It is, however, some data of customers have been sold and they have been in circulation.

The railways site has three crore active and registered users, which means information like their bank accounts and credit cards can theoretically be exploited. However, a statement from the ITCTC said sensitive data including passwords is encrypted and there is no indication of “breach of security in any of the databases of the e-ticketing system”.

Officials also said the website is functioning properly, with passengers being able to book tickets online.

Yesterday, the Cyber Cell of the Mumbai police informed the Railways that a large volume of data from its website was stolen.

“We asked the Cyber Cell to provide us with the data that they claim belongs from our website. Once we have the data, proper verification would be conducted,” Mr Dutta said, adding that a committee with six members is looking into the scandal.

Sharing the same sentiment, Sudeep Das, SE Manager – India and SAARC for RSA says, “New and increasingly sophisticated ways to perpetrate fraud are constantly being developed and deployed. This makes it extremely difficult to keep pace with the individual fraud attempts targeting an organisation’s website. The hackers use business logic abuse mechanisms to hide within legitimate traffic but in a manner unintended by the site owner. Such sophisticated attacks often go unnoticed by either Web Application Firewalls or Log Analysis tools. It seems the same has happened in case of IRCTC hack.”

Speaking about measures to counter such attacks, Das adds, “The traditional Web Application Firewall technologies needs to be augmented with Behavioral Intelligence to hunt these attacks in real time and respond to them quickly. Need of the hour is to detect quickly and respond even quicker before there is a major damage to business.”


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