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Creating a blog is the easy part in blogging, but driving a massive amount of traffic to your blog isn’t that easy, as you would think. Whenever a blogger decides to start a blog, his first preference would be WordPress.

WordPress is the best CMS platform in the blogging world, and it has a huge share of websites running on WordPress. Being the most powerful blogging platform, it has a quite number of plugins for all needs.

WordPress SEO Plugins

The first thing every blogger will search on the internet is the SEO plugin for WordPress optimization. You’ll be presented with a bunch of SEO plugins, of which SEO by Yoast and All in one SEO plugins are most popular.

These plugins offer a lot of ways to optimize your site. Are they really enough to boost your rankings?

Oddly it doesn’t. The truth always bitter.  By using these plugins, you rely on it completely right from your blog sitemap to traffic to optimization. I’ve seen many new bloggers using two or more SEO plugins and dumping a lot of plugins in their websites. This will completely ruin your website’s ranking.

Some bloggers even have a separate sitemap generation plugin and also will enable sitemap feature in another plugin as well. By doing so, your blog will be put up in trouble and you won’t traffic for sure. If you ask me, there is no need of a sitemap for your blog.

SEO Plugins Downside

When you use SEO plugins, you’ll have to rely on it till your blog exists. So you must choose right plugins. I assume that you are using SEO by Yoast plugin for your blog and you have optimized the settings accordingly. While building your content, these plugins will suggest a headline for your post as well as help to optimize your content. You have altered the post headline in SEO block and forget to change it in the original thing then you are actually submitting two titles for a single post. If you remove the plugin for some reason, the entire settings will be lost and your site will be at risk.

I suggest you not to overuse plugins, as they slow your site which affects your blog’ ranking and traffic. You can use P3 (plugin performance profiler) to see how many resources the plugins actually use and how they affect your blog’s loading speed.

The best way to rank your website is to optimize your site and content without using any plugins. Check out my experience on how I optimized my site for Google.

Even though you use WordPress SEO plugins to optimize your site and if you don’t have quality content, your site will not be rewarded. Think of it and work accordingly.


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