Sensorwake clock will wake you up with your favorite scent
Sensorwake clock will wake you up with your favorite scent

The most annoying thing in the world would be the sound of the alarm clock in the morning. For some person, their entire day will be ruined just because of this siren. Guillaume Rolland, a French teenager has come up with an amazing machine that wakes you up in the morning with a pleasant scent of your choice. He hates alarm sound and that made him invent this tiny scent clock.

Sensorwake, the scent clock from his factory is still in production phase. At present, it works with six different scent cartridges (lush jungle, coffee, chocolate, ocean, croissant, and peppermint). Insert any one of them into the slot, set your wake time and go to bed. You’ll be awakened with your favorite aroma.

The startup Sensorwake raised over $200,000 last year and it is now part of the Google success engine program. As for why Rolland invented it, well, he said that alarms were a much too harsh way to wake up. “It’s a personalized and more gradual way to wake up,” he said. From the test results, it claims a 99 percent success rate at waking people up. The company has partnered with Givaudan, a Swiss fragrance manufacturer, to try with different scents. There are more to be added up in the future. This magic tiny clock costs $109 and will start shipping from May. There’s a special promotion running and you can pre-order it at $89.

The alarm scents, but literally not. Interesting isn’t it!


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