Microsoft OneDrive update brings Pokémon detector and automatic albums

    Microsoft has updated its cloud-based storage system – OneDrive with a handful of new features, including automatic albums, an “on this day” feature, and a Pokémon detector that automatically catalogs all screenshots taken of Pokémon Go.

    Automatic albums will pick best photos from a series of photos taken at a particular location within a short span of time and dump them into an album, which can be shared online. The new feature “On this Day” will show the pictures taken on the same day in the past giving a nostalgia each time you open the app. The search feature has been improved with various inputs taken for the search term. The coolest feature of the bunch of updates is the Poké detector. OneDrive now detects screenshots taken through Pokémon Go. Additionally, OneDrive can also identify the 150 individual Pokémon, and these can be searched for.


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