LG Rolling Bot

LG has unveiled a home monitoring system called the LG Rolling Bot at the MWC in Barcelona on Sunday. The 20cm robot is equipped with an 8MP camera that can live stream everything that’s happening in your home.

The device features a camera, a microphone, and a speaker. There’s a microSD slot as well if you want to capture and save photos or videos. You’ll be able to move the robot around your home and you can use it as a remote control, so you can take control of several home appliances, including TVs, sound systems, ACs among other things.

LG Rolling Bot

You can also use this rollable robot to take care of your pets – watch and play with them or even talk with them, thanks to the integrated speaker. The bot can be charged via the regular USB port. LG hasn’t revealed about its retail price, yet, but the Rolling Bot will hit the stores at the same time when the G5 goes on sale.

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