Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin Will Launch And Land Its Rocket For The Third Time

    American private spaceflight company Blue Origin will be launching its New Shepard rocket again for the third time today. Jeff Bezos tweeted out that the company working to fly the same vehicle today that was successfully launched and landed two times back in November last year and then again in January. The company has already proved its rocket is reusable and if everything goes well, it’ll be the second time the company using the New Shepard after launching into space. He didn’t mention the exact time on when the test will occur.

    According to Bezos, the New Shepard engine will be restarted at “fast at high thrust” just 3,600 feet from the ground. If the engine doesn’t restart at that height, then the rocket will slam into the ground in six second. Then, they will be also trying out new software to control one of the crew capsule’s control systems.

    This is the first time, the company announces the test flight upfront the launch. Bezos said there will be several drones in the air to capture the aerial view of the flight. For those waiting to see the launch, you’ll be seeing some exciting footage after the launch, whether or not the launch works as planned.


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