There are a lot of ways to monetize your blog and you may find loads of guides floating loosely in the internet space. Each may vary on their own perspectives but at the end of the day, you should make bucks out of your blog and that’s why you have been a blogger. Some blogs make big money and some don’t. There are various strategies involved to make money from your blog, and today, let’s see how to make money from Infolinks – in-text link ad network.

Obliviously, Google Adsense is one of the best monetization programs available in blogging space but it’s not that easy to get approval in the first place. I’ve seen many bloggers struggle to get Adsense even after numerous attempts.

Don’t give up if your blog is rejected, fix those mentioned issues and reapply till you succeed. Until then, make some decent money from your blog using Infolinks, and it depends on, you can use it along with Adsense as well.

What is Infolinks?

Infolinks is like a straight arrow, there are no strict policies but it has its own policies, and it’s easy to get approval from these guys in a couple of days. Basically, it’s a contextual ad monetization program simply in-text ad program that converts the content of your blog into ads. That’s the way their algorithm works. The more niche content, the more the money you can earn.

infolinks ad

So it is. You don’t have to manage spaces for these ads, instead, they translate some keywords from your articles into a link. When a user clicks on the link, you make money. It’s simple as it is.

Just like other ad networks, Infolinks is also a CPC and CPM ad network and it is very easy to customize their ads. You don’t have to be a techie to do that. They offer several ad styles called ad units – in-text, in-frame, in-tag and in-fold. The most popular one is the in-text as unit followed by in-frame.

How to apply?

There isn’t much complication in applying a free Infolinks account. Just visit, click on sign up, input the required data and follow those steps. They will verify your site and you’ll get to know the result with 72 hours at the max.

Once your application is approved, log into your account and start earning money. Integrating their codes into your blog is easy. Click Integrate tab, select your platform and integrate the code into your blog.  You’re done. You can also customize the ad units by heading to Customize tab. You can view your earning reports on the dashboard.

It is the best Adsense alternative, and whatever ad monetization you’re using, keep in mind, traffic from Western countries earn you more than Asian countries. So keep yourself engaged. Best wishes!

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