Facebook friends to followers

Are you an active Facebook user? Having tons of friends on the social network? Then, this might be useful for you. Having a fleet of friends on Facebook doesn’t mean that all you posts, status would reach all of your friends on your friend’s list. This might keep most of your posts unnoticed.

But if someone follows you, then desperately that person will be receiving all of your posts. So you can reach out easily and tell them what you think right now. A simple tweak in Facebook settings would change the way you use the social platform.

All of a sudden, you’ll notice a bump in likes, shares, and comments on every post you make or share. However, these settings have nothing to do with your already friends on the list. But it will be helpful while adding new friends, or someone else gives you a friend request.

In order to be safe from getting tagged on offensive posts by unknown friends, I recommend using Timeline review that will let you manually review and publish all the post that you’re tagged in. By this, nobody can post any status on your timeline without your knowledge.

To turn all the new friends into followers, follow the below steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on the Followers button at the left-hand side.
  • Under Follower Setting choose Everybody from Who Can Follow Me drop-down menu. Followers can only see your posts; you can also regulate who can comment on your posts in the Follower Comments section.

Follower-SettingsFrom now, all the unknown people (Those Friend Requests remain Unaccepted) become followers. Even if you reject the friend requests, they will remain as followers who can view your public posts.

This comes handy when you’re a celebrity or a famous personality and you have just set up your Facebook profile, you can keep your close connections as friends and convert the rest of the group to followers.


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