Huawei VR

There are already several players in the VR headset game and the latest to get into the game is Huawei. The Chinese smartphone maker has unveiled a VR headset similar to Samsung Gear VR that works only with smartphones, simply called the Huawei VR.

Huawei unveiled Huawei VR at a Shanghai launch event for the P9 and P9 Plus smartphones, but also, the Mate S. It’s nice to see phone makers throwing their VR hats into the ring. The Huawei VR headset is merely a clone of the Gear VR with added features. The working process is the same that you slot a smartphone into the viewer, put on a head strap and navigate VR content with a touchpad on the side.

huawei vr

Since Huawei flagships P9 and P9 plus have 1080p screens, the image quality is bound to be less crisp when compared to the QuadHD displays on the new Samsung Galaxy S7 line. However, Huawei VR headset is said to be the first mobile VR headset to support 360-degree sound field to go with the 360-degree videos.

However, to make these features work; you need contents that support it of course, and a pair of headsets that support it either. You can’t wear glasses while using it, but its adjustable lenses will apparently work well for users with myopia of down to -7.00.

Content-wise, the Huawei VR will launch with a ton of content including a host of movies, 360 videos, games, panoramic images and panoramic tours to check out in-headset.

Pricing and availability details are yet to be disclosed, but it seems that the headset will be only available in China for now.


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