How to manage a business page without your personal profile

    Gone are those days! If you want to create a brand page or business page, Facebook wants you first create a personal profile account in order to set up a business page or brand page. Yes your right! This is how it works.

    But there are instances that social media handle managers or content managers create a business page for their clients under a common profile. By that, they manage a bunch of pages under one umbrella.

    Let’s put it this way, you have a brand page under your personal profile. Upon having hatred feeling on Facebook communities, you wish to kill your profile, but at the same time, you do want to continue managing your brand page. As Facebook is an ocean to promote your brand. If you deactivate your profile, everything will be lost, even your brand page. Remember, you cannot retain your account once you deactivate it.

    There is a loophole that allows you to kill your profile but retain your brand page. There’s an option to transfer the ownership of your page to a different profile. So obliviously, you can create a new profile with your brand info, in fact, a fake profile and you transfer the admin privilege to the new profile.

    1. Go to the page and click on “Settings” at the top right corner.
    2. On the left pane, look for “Page Roles”. Go to “Page Roles” section. Everyone who works on your page can be assigned different roles with respect to their work.
    3. Type the Name of the person or email address of the profile of which you want to grant admin rights and select “Admin” from the drop-down menu. Now click on Save to complete the assigning process.
    4. The Assigned account will be notified about the new role on your page. You can easily deactivate your Facebook profile after the transfer.
    5. Go to Settings to Security and deactivate your account


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