How to Make Money Online with DreamHost Affiliate Program

    In the world of blogosphere, there are endless possible ways to make money with your blog or website. There are various monetization programs out there, and some will work and some won’t. The most ideal approach to generate money is to keep on experimenting different monetization programs.

    How to Make Money Online with DreamHost Affiliate Program

    Likewise, DreamHost Affiliate Program is one of the best affiliate programs in the blog market that earns you $97 per sale you make for them.

    DreamHost has been positioned as the top web hosting for WordPress by several web hosting rating websites and big tech companies. DreamPress is the reliable managed WordPress hosting for newbie’s who want to start a WordPress blog.

    DreamHost is our hosting partner, and as far as our opinion, DreamHost is the best web hosting that I ever come across. Check out here, why we recommend DreamHost for your WordPress website.

    How to join DreamHost affiliate program?

    The DreamHost affiliate program is for all bloggers who wish to make money by recommending their web hosting to your readers. You don’t need to be their customer to associate with their affiliate program and it is absolutely free.

    If you’re already a customer of DreamHost, just login to your DreamHost Web Panel, and get started by clicking on ‘Affiliates’ under ‘Billing & Account’ tab.

    If you are not a customer of DreamHost, just sign up for DreamHost affiliate program and login to their panel to begin your journey with DreamHost affiliate. After you logged in to their panel, go to reward section to claim your DreamHost affiliate link.

    Start promoting the link through any of your marketing strategies and start earning money for every new signup with your affiliate link.

    How much DreamHost pays for every new signup?

    As I’m having a web hosting account with DreamHost, I deliberately accept that this affiliate program is best one, as they offer maximum payout for each referral. I’m making a considerable amount through their affiliate program. DreamHost pays you $97 as commission for every referral you make through your affiliate link.

    DreamHost offers two promotional discounts that will give a $25 or $50 one-time discount on shared hosting to the people you sign up. The $25 or $50 discount comes out of your $97 one-time rewards payment. So, if you offer $50 discount to your readers, you can only make $47 as commission.

    I recommend you to pick any one of the discounts and offer it to your readers. That’s working great for me. So it should be working for you too.

    How DreamHost Pays?

    If you are an existing DreamHost customer, you can cash out the affiliate money towards any outstanding bill.

    Or, you can claim your rewards through PayPal, as DreamHost pays their affiliates through PayPal. The minimum cash out is $20. Anything below that will be held over the next month.

    4 killer methods to promote your DreamHost affiliate link

    Money-back Guarantee Program

    The best part is, DreamHost goes beyond and even offers 97-day money back guarantee program.  In case you are not satisfied with the performance of their servers or service, you can cancel your DreamHost hosting within 97 days of opening your account. They will refund the entire amount except the domain registration if you had registered the domain with them.

    You can use this in your marketing program to promote DreamHost affiliate.

    How to sign up for a free DreamHost trail account – A complete Guide

    If you would like to give a try to DreamHost, sign up for DreamHost trail account with $50 promo code – exclusive for you.


    You can get a decent passive income from DreamHost affiliate program, if you have good traffic and readers. There are several blogs out there that shines by making money through affiliate programs. So never miss any chance that lets you make money.

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