increase page ctr

Ever wondered why the page clickthrough rate (CTR) of your blog or website is low while analyzing your blog’ Google Analytics or some other Analytics data. There are several ways to increase the page CTR of your blog which is very helpful for generating more income. The page CTR should show some good signs in order to achieve good results.

What is Page CTR

It’s very simple. The page clickthrough rate is directly proportional to the number of ads clicked to the number of page views.

Consider if you blog receives 20 clicks for 2500 page views, then your page CTR is 0.8% (20/2500) which is relatively very low. Try to maintain a good page CTR to increase your revenue. You should engage your visitors while they hit your blog.

I’m going to share a secret hack to engage your audience with your blog. Apart from traffic from social media and referrals, you should receive a good volume of organic traffic. When people search for a particular keyword on Google or other search engines, they tend to visit only the popular and trusted websites.

How can you make people hit your link on search engines?

The simple thumb rule is creating a good alluring title and description. If you have a catchy title readers will automatically engage with your site.

Here the trick comes. People will always like to read the latest news rather than a post which is two years old. That’s the nature of human. If you are a regular blogger, you could have noticed on popular blogs showing the “updated” date on each post.

When search engines crawl your site, it will crawl the content along with the date on which it was published. Search engines will display the date as well in the search results. In order to trick search engines, I recommend you to remove the date from the post however keeping only the updated date.

When you update your post every time, search engines crawls only the latest date than the original date. So hiding date from your posts helps you to get more traffic from search engines.

If you use SEO plugins such as Yoast or All in one SEO, remove the date from the snippet. To say from SEO words, the date has a huge impact on SEO. Try this and you’ll notice a bump in organic traffic for sure.


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