download twitter videos

Twitter is the most used social media after Facebook where millions of users share their thoughts and videos there.

Are you tired of searching on internet on how to download Twitter videos? Then you are at the right place. You may find a few websites on Google; however, how many of those are really useful.

There’s a simple way to download any video on Facebook without the need of software or online tools. All you need to do is a simple tweak of the Twitter video URL.

This simple tweak will download the video instantly. Here’s how it works:

If you want to download any video on Twitter, first of all, you should get the URL of the video. Click on the post which will prompt a pop-up showing the video. Grab the URL

Paste the URL into a new tab of your browser. The actual tweak comes here. The URL of the video will look like:


Just add ‘m’ after ‘https://’ so the URL will look like:

Paste the URL, hit Enter, and play the video. Right-click on the video, you’ll see an option “save video as”. Click it to download the video.

The video will download as MP4 format by default. You can even email the video as such.

Similarly, you can even download images that are not possible to download from the mainstream.


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