WhatsApp Business Plans How Can Businesses and Health Care Benefit Through WhatsApp
How Can Businesses and Health Care Benefit Through WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the widely used messaging application across the world. With over a billion, the platform can provide best reach out to costumers through it. That implies associating with one –seventh of the entire world. On introducing end-to-end encryption, the messenger has now become safer than it was before.

Recently the founder of the company Jan Koum stated the WhatsApp service was going completely free, removing the past charges of 99 cent. This was expelled since the majority of the users are from developing and poor countries who do not have access to online payments. To increase the customer base WhatsApp announced it will be going free. Nonetheless, WhatsApp was never making much money from the subscription charges; it was close to 20 million dollars when it ends subscriptions.

WhatsApp was purchased by Facebook for 19 billion dollars. Zuckerburg told that the designers of the application have the complete opportunity to shape the platform to increase the number of users.

WhatsApp Business Plans

As the acquisition happened in two years back, the company is now trying to invite business into its platform and is constructing ways to charge them. The company will bring in tools which will let business and organizations to interact with customers and general public.

For instance, an account holder in a bank can communicate with the bank through WhatsApp to know transaction history or with airlines in regards to defer of flights.

The company sources have said that business have been requesting WhatsApp owners for quite some time to make the app for organizations friendly. However they have disregarded it this while and are currently wanting to execute it.

Despite the fact that we have businesses which work through WhatsApp like restaurants in Hong Kong which utilize the application for table reservations, and open can content BBC through WhatsApp with respect to a tip for news.

Facebook has also announced the integration of business into the messenger application during 2015. Retailer Zulily and Everlane are the first users of the business friendly FB messenger. Now Uber displays its driver’s location over the messenger app. But many users are yet to use its facilities and it is not official that how Facebook is planning to make money out of it.

Facebook has also designed to launch toolkit for developers that will let them build bots. Bots are already a rage in most of the messenger applications.

All of the revenue models of Facebook will be more or less made available on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp and Facebook Integration

The updated version has brought in a feature to integrate the accounts on both of these platforms. In any case, it is up to the users whether to provide details of their WhatsApp account on to Facebook.

This move according to the social media giant is to provide its users a better experience. It can show you the feeds of people who you text regularly on WhatsApp. However in the revenue model it is gathering of more user data and providing advertisements accordingly.

For Facebook the money gainer is the huge amount of users data and it can trade to gain advertisers.

Many privacy activists have been against the move to integrate both the applications. Users have the option to opt out of this integration from the settings menu and the option will never be displayed.

WhatsApp Business Plans in Healthcare

With immense security accessible to the texts transferred between the users, now doctors can even send prescriptions without the fear of data burglary.

This could improve the reach and speed of medical help to patients. In US only 4 percent of the doctors use the application for prescribing in fear of violation of medical norms. In countries were the law is not very stringent the interaction rate is higher, in Brazil around 90 percent of the doctors use WhatsApp.

How does the platform help in health care?

Safe means of communication

With the end-to-end encryption technology there is a lot of safety to the interactions.

Wide presence

The zika virus outbreak news was largely spread through WhatsApp and even the CT scans of babies were sent out to keep people informed. Updates were given regarding the new symptoms that were discovered by doctors.

Saves time

Instead of traveling all the way to doctor’s place, the patients can get simple prescriptions through the app.

It’s free

The developers have declared it free for life and thus an easier availability to all.

However there are still apprehensions whether the messages will be transferred safely or they will be hacked.

With Facebook integration, there is a lot of fear whether our medical history will be in safe hands. Facebook was under several criticisms in Europe and also by privacy activist over its data sharing with NSA.

This came into limelight with whistleblower Edward Snowden’s revelations.

This even led to the pull down of safe harbor between Europe and US in the European Union court.

With such a large amount of uncertainties in regards to information security Facebook needs to battle a tiny bit to give users a chance to incorporate the application with it.

Future of WhatsApp

After the acquisition of Facebook, the app has got several updates. There is an option to share documents now and encryption of messages is available.

Soon the engineers are going to take off video calling along these lines making it an app with varied features. The future of WhatsApp is pretty straight-forward. It is time the organization begins profiting through it. Facebook is one of the cleverest sites regarding profiting. So most likely, the guardian organization will ensure it acquires all its cash making strategies to WhatsApp as well.

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