bad backlinks

The myth about backlinks says it would boost the Google ranking and authority for a website. The search engines use the quality and quantity of backlinks to a page as a quality signal which has an impact on the rankings.

But How about bad backlinks?

To put it in a simple way, a lot number of websites pointing to a website indicates that the website is valuable and useful. It is, however, true but the thing here is what type of backlinks a website should have.

With Google updating its Panda and Penguin algorithms regularly, the way it treats backlinks are now entirely different. According to a study based on an analysis of the top 30 search results on for 10,000 relevant keywords, we found that while backlink features still show a fairly high correlation with rankings, their value is gradually declining.

Your website would have quality ranking unless your website has good quality backlinks. It becomes reverse when your website has a lot of bad backlinks pointing to the pages of your website. Search engines treat them as a bad signal for your website and pull them out of the search results. As a result, your website will be at a risk of being marked as spam.

There are several SEO companies out there waiting to spam your website with bad backlinks. Make sure to research about the company before you start working with them. Backlinks for your website should be natural that might have anchor text or keywords or the domain.

We also recommend you not purchase backlinks from the online platform like Fiverr, Freelancer and so on. Try to build natural backlinks from high-quality websites. Here’s how to do it.

You can find spam and bad links and disavow them. To find bad backlinks login to your Google Webmasters Tools.

  • On the Webmaster Tools home page, click the site you want.
  • On the Dashboard, click Search Traffic, and then click Links to Your Site.
  • Under Who links the most, click More.
  • Click Download more sample links. If you click Download latest links, you’ll see dates as well.

Make a periodic check for the quality of backlinks and that can make sure your website is healthy. You can always email to the website that is linked to your website pages to remove the link. Also, you can use Google’s disavow tool to remove those spammy backlinks.


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