microsoft hololens for developers

Previously, it was only developers who were given a chance to buy Microsoft’s HoloLens – the real augmented reality headset. However, it is not that easy to apply for the headset, as they follow strict guidelines.

But now, Microsoft has loosened its grip over its strict guidelines, which is now allowing the general public to buy HoloLens, unless or until you meet three requirements set by the tech titan. They are:

  • You should have a Microsoft account.
  • You should have an address either in the US or Canada.
  • The Development Edition supports English only.
  • You should be able to afford the headset’s $3000 price tag

If you meet these requirements, then you go ahead get your one or a set of five. It’s worth to be noted that it’s a development edition, so it’s probably for developers. Hence, the big price tag. The consumer edition should suppose fit your wallet, though. You don’t have to shell out huge money on this gadget unless you’re a developer. You may wait a bit longer for the consumer edition to hit the market.


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