Gracenote has developed a new technology for automakers that will automatically adjust the equalizer settings in-car audio systems for the song being played. Dynamic EQ will leverage music recognition technology to identify a song and automatically fine-tune the audio system for the best possible playback for each unique track.

Today’s drivers have the ability to listen to practically every song ever recorded across every genre and era. However, most drivers typically leave their car audio systems in the same settings as they bounce from artist to artist and genre to genre. The result is a music experience that often lacks the depth and impact of the original studio recordings.

“Tuning an EQ can be incredibly complicated for the average music fan and virtually impossible for drivers who have to keep both eyes focused on the road,” said Brian Hamilton, General Manager of Gracenote Automotive. “The introduction of Gracenote Dynamic EQ marks the first time that Gracenote, or any other company, has used track level descriptive metadata to drive the quality of the musical experience. The benefit for automakers is far and wide, helping them maximize the sound experience for high-end systems in luxury vehicles, as well as making audio systems in sub-compacts shine.”


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