Google next Pixel smartphone to feature curved screens

Google is getting more involved into mainstream smartphone business with the launch of Pixel smartphones last year. The company is now investing around $880 million (1 trillion won) in LG Display to make sure to get a surplus supply of flexible OLED screens for its next Pixel phones. The scarcity of current Pixel phones is due to lack of supply of OLED screens and Google doesn’t want it to happen with its next flagship device.

The search giant’s investment is a direct order with the company, securing a production line for its devices. The mainstream competitor in smartphone business, Samsung is using flexible OLED panels for years now, while Apple is rumored to equip its next iPhone 8 with flexible OLED screens and Google isn’t shy to come out with a new pixel device with curved OLED screens. We aren’t sure whether Google will continue with the Pixel brand or come up with a new brand as it will features flexible screens and more advanced AI assistant.

LG will eventually cut the deal and everything goes fine, the OLED panels for the next Pixel smartphones will be produced in LG’s $1.3 billion flexible OLED line in Gumi, North Gyeongsang Province.


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