Google India launches Aero

India is one of the biggest marketplaces in the world for all sorts of businesses and tech companies have been launching new products and services to increase their presence. While there are lots of apps flooded in the Google Play and Apple Store for ordering food and home services, Google has launched a new service, and in fact an app called Aero, targeting local businesses and restaurants.

Aero is a sleek app for ordering food delivery and home services, which is currently available only in Mumbai and Bangalore and on Android, allows users to search for local eateries and services like plumbers, electricians, painters, beauticians and housekeeping, and order food and services through the app. Just like other food apps, users will be able to view the reviews of other customers for the available businesses. Customer can also schedule food delivery based on their convenience.

There are numerous companies and apps in the market for these services, but companies like Google, can easily wipe out their rivals in the business, just through the fact of investment and branding. Grubub, UberEats, Postmates are some of the companies having great branding and reputation in food delivery and home services.

Google has launched Aero only in India, which is not even available in the western markets, at least for now. There’s no word from the company on whether the app will foray into other markets or will stay in India.


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