Google image search shopping ads

When you search something on Google, you may see shopping links for the things you searched and Google is taking it to a step further. Google is now adding shopping ads to its image search results as well making it easy for users to buy them in spot.

Google image search shopping linksStarting on Monday, Google is adding two new ad formats into search results under image search. If you Google for pictures of a nice kitchenware, you’ll see links to buy it too. Both ad formats will be first integrated on mobile and the desktop version of ads in image search is in the works. Apart from ads, Google is also optimizing ads for local retailers. With this features, you can now check whether the intended local retailer has in-store pickup and check inventory within search.

These things clearly reveal that Google is making shoppers to use Google for purchases snubbing Amazon. That’s particularly evident with Google bringing both local and offline retail to its search.


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