Google Adsense 2017: Best Ad Size To Achieve High CPC And CTR

    Google Adsense is the one of the best and proven sources of income in the blogosphere. After getting approval for Adsense, there are certain positions to place your ads. Google previously allowed only three ad units to be placed on a webpage, but now they have changed their approach. You can place as many as ads, but they should not be crowded and depending on the length of the article, you may place 3 – 4 ads inside the article.

    It is worth to be noted that Google will not consider the ads placed at header, sidebar and footer. They will be considering the ads that are placed inside the content. If you place many ads in a single page, then your page will look weird and obviously it will not attract your readers. Your website should have a minimalistic design to rank first on Google search results. Also, it affects the loading speed of your pages as well.

    If you don’t want to distract your readers, you can place up to 3 or 4 ad units inline the content. Lets see which ad sizes will best work for sites.

    Content ads:

    The thumb rule for Adsense is that your ads should be visible to your readers. Your website will attract new readers only if it has good quality content. I recommend you to place two ads inside the content, one below the title and the other after three or four paragraphs. You can use 468*60 ad size for below title ad unit and 300*250 ad size inside the content.

    Also, you can use one link ad of size 300*250 at the end of the content.

    Sidebar ads:

    If your site theme has a sidebar, you can use either 336*280 or 300*600 ad size on the top of the sidebar position beside the title. In case you have responsive theme layout for mobile, it is not advisable to use the big 300*600 ad size unit. If you use separate theme layouts for desktop and mobile, then you can big daddy 300*600 on desktop and 300*250 on mobile.

    Header ads:


    You can use header ad of size 728*90 ad unit next to your site’s header logo.  Depending on your theme layout, you can use this ad size.

    The best practice to increase Adsense revenue is to continuously monitor and experiment on ad sizes and positions. It is not the same for every website niche. So keep on experimenting with ad sizes and rotate your ads to get the best from Adsense.

    But keep in mind that you can place only on the big banner at a time which will not collapse the appeal of your website. In fact, placing two big banner ads will put your site at risk and may end in the ban of your Adsense account. So never, take advantage over Adsense policy, as they will monitor your site regularly.

    I’ve seen several webmasters using the sticky sidebar for placing ads. It is time to revoke the settings if you have sticky ads because Google is against the sticky sidebar or content.

    Wrapping Up

    It isn’t easy to get approval for Google Adsense, so don’t waste that opportunity that was given to you. Utilize the best of Adsense features to maximize your Adsense revenue.


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