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Floating sticky sidebar is an important feature in constructing a WordPress website as it helps bloggers to get “extra attention” to your content site wide. If you build a WordPress website that integrates sidebar as an option, then sticky sidebar is the best option to implement.

It depends on the mood of a blog webmaster and in fact, the category of the website that it belongs to, decides whether it needs a sidebar or not. Most of the photography, travel, and much others use full-width space for displaying their content removing the sidebar section completely.

There are several other webmasters or bloggers who want to highlight their content use sidebar. The sidebar may be located on the left-hand panel of the website or the right-hand side. Most of the modern WordPress themes come integrated with sticky sidebars as an option, but popular free traditional WordPress themes do not have one.

However, integrating a sticky sidebar requires third-party plugins. There are several plugins available out there on the market, but which one is the best? I’ve been looking for best plugins for the sticky sidebar for a while and found these plugins. Certainly, they are best in their uniqueness.

Let us go around these plugins:

Q2W3 Fixed Widget Plugin

Q2W3 Fixed Widget PluginQ2W3 Fixed Widget Plugin is one of the favorite plugins for most of the bloggers out there. It can turn out any widget into an attracting sticky sidebar with ease. According to some bloggers, they have seen a significant increase in revenue after installing this plugin on their site. It’s very simple to use:

Follow the instruction to enjoy the Plug-in

  • Install and Activate the Q2W3 Fixed Widget Plug-in
  • Go to “Appearance” and Select “Widgets”
  • Drag and Drop any available Widget from the left-hand pane to any of the sidebars, header or footer.
  • Check the Box “Fixed Widget” to turn any Widget sticky.
  • For Controlling the size and layout, you can always use the Advanced settings under “Appearance” >> “Fixed Widget Options”

Sticky Element

Sticky Element plugin settingsSticky Element is also used by many bloggers. As the name suggests, it translates CSS to create sticky elements. Install and activate the plugin. Head to settings tab of the plugin and customize the element based on your needs.

Sticky Ad Bar Plugin

Sticky Ad Bar Plugin settingsSticky Ad Bar Plugin allows you to create floating banners, Ad blocks, text links on header and footer. You can customize the plugin depending on your needs.

If you use Google Adsense, then you are not allowed to use sticky sidebars. Using floating sidebars for ads especially may put you at risk.


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