Fitbit Blaze Fitness

Fitbit Blaze smartwatch made its debut at the CES 2016 trade show and the wearable finally lands in India for Rs. 19, 999.

Like other tracking wearables, the Blaze smartwatch also tracks fitness, however, it features customizable textured rubber bands, leather bands, and metal bracelet. The wearable is now available for purchase on Amazon India in black, blue and plum rubber band options.

There’s an accompanying app that allows you to interact with the Fitbit Blaze smartwatch through your smartphone. You can check notifications, reminders and more on the display of the watch itself.

With advanced technology in a versatile design, it helps to track your workouts, monitor your performance stats, and gauge your progress.

The Fitbit Blaze features a small display allowing you to navigate menus through push buttons on the frame.  Workouts and sleep are automatically detected and the heart rate monitor functions continuously, minimizing the number of times you have to fiddle with it when you’re merely doing daily activities. The Blaze does need your phone to get GPS data, but this helps with the multi-day battery life that Fitbit believes is crucial for a product like this.

Also, tracks your steps, distance covered, calories burnt, and floors climbed. The Blaze’s multi-sport tracking mode lets you track your cardio, cross training, biking activities, and more. Also possible is to start a fit star workout on your wrist to get step by step instructions and graphics to complete each move correctly.


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