Ecological burials

After death, the corpses lying in the tomb would be the mankind’s final resting place. It is purely religious. In some places, people used to burn the corpse rather burying underneath. But, most of the religious practices tend to bury the corpses around the world.

People are following the traditional way of burying the dead bodies for centuries. The entire world is turning green in the late benefiting our Earth. Awareness programs and campaigns in favor of green ecosystem have been thrown globally to spread awareness and social consciousness.

An alternative to our traditional burials is going to be the future of final resting places. Instead of placing the corpse inside a tomb, this method breaks down dead bodies into decomposable particles which will turn into nutrition-rich soil in less than 18 months.

Environment-Friendly Burials – How it Works:

  • First off, the body is frozen in liquid nitrogen to a temperature of -196 Celsius.
  • Then, the frozen body is disintegrated into soluble particles through vibration process.
  • The disintegrated particles are then placed inside a large drier that removes any remaining moisture by freeze drying method.
  • The dried particles are then put in a metal separation chamber to remove metals. After removal of metals, the dried particles are forced to form solid sand.
  • They can be buried at a depth of 12-20 inches which will turn into nutrition-rich soil in 6 – 18 months.

Watch the demonstration video below:


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