Ecocapsule review features

The Ecocapsule which is designed by the Slovakian architects is a compact mobile home equipped with high-tech features to support the off-grid living for up to a year. It can accommodate up to two people.

Ecocapsule Features

The Eco-living cabin is free from traditional power and water supply. It is both solar-powered and wind-powered. For maximize energy production, the roof of the Ecocapsule is installed with high-efficiency solar cells that are capable of producing 600 Watts.

EcocapsuleIt is also equipped with a portable low-noise wind turbine that generates up to 750 Watts of power 24/7 around the clock.

The secret behind the unique egg-shape is to minimize heat loss and collect rain water. Rain water is collected on the surface, where it’s stored in a water tank and filtered for your convenience.

EcocapsuleIt can also be connected to grids as well. It packs a 10 KW battery, so it can back up for at least four days, in case solar and wind turbine fails.

EcocapsuleThe Ecocapsule has 4 small wheels (extendable from legs), so you can roll or rotate it on smooth surfaces. It also has two hooks on the roof so it can be lifted using a crane or forklift, or even with a helicopter.


The interior of the cabin is nicely furnished and decorated. Furniture is made from lightweight honeycomb panels with a wood veneer finish. The furniture includes a desk, cabinets, racks, folding bed with mattress (2m x 1.45m when unfolded), kitchenette cabinets and baggage cabinet.

EcocapsuleOther noticeable things are the floor heating, windows, a bathroom with shower and a waterless toilet.

The Pod comes with data network connection, so you can always be in touch with your friends. But the ultimate idea of the grid is to live off the grid. The first generation Ecocapsule is priced at EUR 79,000 excluding VAT and shipping.


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