DynaFlash is a High-Speed Dynamic Projector That has a Perfect Projection on Any Surface

Projectors are designed to project images on a flat screen and pointing it on any other screen would end up with twisted image. However, a group of researchers at the Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory in Tokyo have come up with a projector ‘DynaFlash’ that can project images on any surface, making the image likely printed like a sticker instead of a projection.

You can use DynaFlash to project the images on moving and non-rigid surfaces.

How DynaFlash Works?

Although the researchers haven’t revealed the exact working system of the projector as it’s a prototype model, however, we do know a little on the technology behind the projector. The projector uses dynamic projection mapping tech that is more similar to the working technique of 3D models in a video game.

This technique makes the real-time image wrapping projector to project the images on any surfaces, even the waving screen, just like the moving t-shirt shown in the video to look more like a printed image.

The projector applies the technology in real time. It has an infra-red camera that can see the grid applied on any surface. It uses infra-red ink that is imperceptible to human eye to track the movement of the objects in real time. In the wake of following the wrapped surface, the projector utilizes that grid as a reference to coordinate the projected image on the wrapped surface, so the projected image looks perfect on any surface.

The projection has a astounding frame rate of 1000 frames per second that reduces the delay of projection by three milliseconds making the projection look real time.

As you see in the video, the t-shirt waves in the wind and the projector compensates the waving of the t-shirt to match the surface.

Will DynaFlash be used in the Tokyo Olympics 2020? Imagine the ads on the athlete’s jersey changing continuously in real time throughout the game.


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