charity car donation tips

Charity Car Donation Alaska: Auto donation is the great give away for the well being of your society. It would be the most rewarded things, though it helps to eliminate old vehicles off the road in the state that is known for its incredible views.

By donating your old vehicles, you’re joining hands to preserve the environment free from pollution as well as saving the nature for future generations. In Alaska, car donations are the most popular goodie, however, you can donate any type of vehicles, including but not limited to trucks, vans, motorcycles, yachts, airplanes, motor homes, and others.

Instead of keeping you old vehicle in your garage, you can donate it. You get several benefits from car donations, including tax reductions. Check out how to get maximum tax deduction from your vehicle donations.

You can choose any charity you want and the net proceeds of more than 70% from the selling price of your vehicle will be donated to that charity. In turn, the funds will help fund important research, promote education about their missions and most importantly, save lives.

Documents needed for Charity Alaska

In order to initiate your vehicle donation, the state of Alaska does require a valid certificate of title for transfer of ownership of the vehicle.

In case you lost the title, the charity to which you are donating will help you to get a replacement of the title.

Where Can I donate?

After deciding for car donation, ask your charity whether they will accept car donation directly that will save some bucks for them. If not, you can check the most popular charity car donation service across the US here.

They will make all arrangements for your vehicle donation. Make sure to get a receipt during pick up, as it is very important to claim your charitable federal tax exemption.


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