DJI’s Latest Drones are Capable of Filming 4K Videos

    In recent years, drones acquired a huge space in photography and movie making industry. At CES 2016, DJI is releasing a trio of camera drones that cater to pros wanting the best possible aerial shots. The Phantom 3 4K is the successor of the regular Phantom 3 with shooting in official DCI 4K formats, and rolls in a range-extended WiFi link that lets you control the drone from much further away — 3,937 feet, to be exact.

    The black Inspire 1 Pro gives you a high-quality 16-megapixel camera in a stealthier, more sinister-looking design. The Phantom 3 4K is relatively affordable for personal at $999, but you’ll likely have to be a full-on filmmaker to justify the Inspire 1 Pro’s $4,499 price tag.


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