Common PPC Advertising Mistakes That’s Bad For Your Marketing Campaign

    If you are looking for a quick way to attract prospects to your websites and boost conversions, you might want to look into Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. In PPC, business owners use tools like Google Adwords and Yahoo! Search Marketing to run their advertisements. When someone clicks on the ad from the search result pages, they will be automatically taken to your site, and the business has to pay.

    If your strategy is poorly implemented, PPC marketing can be risky for your business. Like any other marketing strategy, there are best practices and entails certain common mistakes. For instance, trying a DIY approach without any prior experience in PPC marketing is one of the most common mistakes.

    PPC advertisement can cost you a lot of money, and still fail to attract customers. In order to make PPC advertisement lucrative, you need to have the right pros on your side. If you are new to PPC marketing strategy, you should avoid making these mistakes.

    Lack of planning

    One of the most common mistakes is lack of determination when it comes to planning and setting goals. Before launching a PPC campaign, you should have a specific goal. What is it that you want to achieve from your online marketing campaign? Are you looking to create brand awareness? Are you looking to generate leads or boost conversion? Having a well-chalked out plan helps you keep on track, gives you the ability to modify or adjust your course of action whenever you need to.

    Lack of a Call to Action

    Including a clear call to action (CTA) on your landing page is a necessity. You should take time to test different CTAs in order to determine the message that produced the best result.

    Note: Google sets restrictions on certain CTA phrases such as “click here.” However, you can use phrases like “buy now”, “start today”, and “download now” for your PPC marketing strategy.

    Sending visitors to your homepage

    Suppose you are selling a smart phone on your website and you are running a PPC ad using the specific model number of the phone as your keyword. However, instead of redirecting someone, who searched for this particular keyword, to the corresponding product page, you have chosen to redirect them to your site’s home page. While you might still convert, his or her chances of leaving your site to buy the product from a completion significantly increase. Therefore, while running a PPC ad, it is crucial to link your ad directly to the product page, thereby enhancing customer experience.

    Sending visitors to your Contact Page

    Another classic mistake is sending your PPC visitors straight to your website’s contact page. Visitors are faced with two options: sign up for email newsletters or fill up a lead generation form, which can drive customers crazy and, in turn, reduce sales. Moreover, this strategy violates PPC platform guidelines. Google AdWords discourages marketers from luring visitors to fill out contact forms with promise of free goodies in return.

    Lack of testing

    According to expert online marketers, a website owner should be running at least three types of ads. New ads should be tested regularly in order to improve your click-through rate (CTR). If you don’t update your ads regularly, visitors will render your promotions, messages and prices old and invalid, thereby affecting user experience and CTR. Therefore it is necessary to test the descriptions, display URLs and CTA along with new messaging like benefits, promotions, and prices.

    No campaign structure

    Having a proper structure enables you to arrange your campaigns based on themes, ensuring effortless calculation and control over your ads and relevant messages to your visitors. You can organize your campaigns by building a campaign for each major category of either products or services. You can also include more specific products or services in your ad groups.

    Author Bio: Sid Garg is a PPC specialist with years of experience of the domain. He consult and guide brands on planning, execution and implementation of PPC Company to help them with rankings and visibility.


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