The official announcement of the Comcast’s gigabit internet connection will be revealed until sometime in 2016, however, a lucky customer in Philadelphia now has the gigabit internet access as a part of the testing run.

The gigabit internet requires fiber optic cables for transmitting signals and it is expensive where the cable company has to replace its entire cable infrastructure to Fiber lines.

Comcast has been developing DOCSIS 3.1 modem which is capable of delivery high-speed gigabit internet over the existing cable lines and the company has successfully tested the modem, last week in Philadelphia.

The speed is at least 10 times faster than what you get from the present day cable modem.

Applying technology upgrades to its existing infrastructure, Comcast will be able to provide gigabit internet. The company will start the trail run in rest of the territories in 2016 and the breakthrough begins there.

The DOCSIS 3.1 modem, in the long run, will be delivering a promising technology to its customers and business partners. Eventually, the deployment is a big deal in bringing gigabit internet access to the mainstream.


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