Citymapper, a favorite transport app in the UK has been helping people out there since 2010 to navigate through quickest public transport, is trailing an experimental “smart bus” service for two days around the city of London. The app uses real-time data from local government to navigate around the city.

The company’s CMX1 green bus will run on the ‘pop-up bus route’ for two days in London, which the company experiments it based on their analytical expertise, to provide better bus service of its own in the future. The so-called experimental route will start from Southwark through Blackfriars Bridge, Somerset House and South Bank.

The smart buses will be equipped with latest technology, including a large smart display that will tell you where you are now and what’s coming next. There’s also a smartphone USB charging points under every seat, real-time software tracking system that will provide real-time data to drivers like the passengers count and local traffic.

“We built software for everything, including realtime operational control to driver management to scheduling systems. We’re reinventing how to think about all of these in the realtime world. We’ve taken systems that haven’t traditionally talked to each other and integrated them,” Citymapper said.

Citymapper uses its own-built stimulation tool, internally codenamed Simcity, to analyze real-time transport across the city and figure new routes based on the data. However, the company has to rely on London’s transport agency TfL (Transport for London) for its two day trail and if they plan to launch full-fledge services. They are the one who issues licenses to private buses routes (sightseeing tours) out there, but they haven’t issued license for Citymapper yet, so they are offering the trail service for free.

In a blogpost, the company said that buses “haven’t evolved enough” but that its technology can change that. “We’ve helped people figure out which bus to take. When it arrives. How long it takes. When to get off. Now it’s inevitable that we help make them work better.”


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