Charity Car Donation Tax Deduction

Charity Car Donations Arizona: Arizona, the 48th state of the United States of America is a beautiful land loaded with mind-blowing views. Arizona is one of the Four Corners states, known for the spectacular Grand Canyon National Park among other national forests, parks and monuments.

Charity Car Donations for Tax Reduction in Arizona

Auto Donations for charity Arizona is very easy and hassle free. There are a lot of local and nationalized charities in the state. By donating your vehicle, you’re supporting a good cause and more importantly, saving lives. Also, you get tax reduction for your donation.

First off, choose a reputable local or national charity of your wish, then contact the charitable donation services and fill out some basic info about your car. Here are some of the best charitable services that have their presence across the US.

Once you choose the charitable donation service, fill out some basic info about your car online. You can mention where and when to pick up your vehicle. You no need to pay for towing and other charges. Everything will be taken care by the charitable vehicle donation services.

Most of the services return more than 70% of the net proceeds to your chosen charity. If you decide to donate your car to the local charity, make sure they are authorized by IRS for tax exemption.

Don’t forget to get a receipt when your car is picked up. That will facilitate tax exemption for your donation. File a notice of release of liability to a local Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) and inform your insurance that you have donated your car.

Documents needed for Charity Arizona

In order to initiate your vehicle donation, the state of Arizona does require a valid certificate of title for transfer of ownership of the vehicle.

In case you lost the title, the charity to which you are donating will help you to get a replacement of the title.

Arizona is a heavenly place and preserve the natural beauty of this incredible state by giving away your old environment unfriendly vehicle to charities.


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