Benefits of Charitable Car Donation

Charity Car Donation Florida: Florida, the southernmost state in the U.S. bordering both the Atlantic and Gulf coasts is an aid state for donating your car or vehicle. Donating your vehicle to charity for a good cause is the most remarkable thing to do, and in fact, you can keep your old vehicle off the road.

Not only cars, you can donate any type of vehicles, including but not limited to vans, trucks, hybrids, SUVs, trailers, RVs, boats on trailers, personal watercraft, construction equipment and more.

Every car donation through national or local charities earns you a tax receipt for your charitable tax deduction. Whether it be to help save babies through the March of Dimes, support Car Talk’s independent national public radio, or build homes for families in need with Habitat for Humanity in your local Florida community, there are a bunch of charities out there.

You are helping others without bothering yourself. You can decide to which charity the return from your vehicle should be donated. Most of them offer more than 70% of the return back to your charity. Anything below 70% is merely useless. So keep that in mind and choose the charity.

You’ll get free towing in the State of Florida. Don’t forget to get a receipt when your car is picked up. That will facilitate tax exemption for your donation. Then file a notice of release of liability to a local Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) and inform your insurance that you have donated your car.

Documents needed for Charity Florida

In order to initiate your auto donation, the state of Florida does require a valid certificate of title for transfer of ownership of the vehicle.

In case you lost the title, the charity to which you are donating will help you to get a replacement of the title.


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